Altos V1 

As of Summer 2023, Altos V1 delivers the best real-world performance among all the mass-produced automotive 4D radars on the market. 

It is also the first and only non-FPGA based, production-ready, 12TX & 16RX imaging radar product in the world with unmatched reliability and cost-efficiency. 

Design Highlights:

-- True 1.32° Azimuth and 1.43° Elevation Angular Resolution (@ 0.14° - 0.32° of Accuracy)

-- Definite Velocity detection (no ambiguity) from -110m/s to 55m/s with 0.2m/s of resolution (@ 0.02m/s of accuracy)

-- Stable detection of cars at 400m and pedestrians @180m

-- Up to 3000 points per frame @ 10 frames per second

-- Single PCB, simple, robust structural design

Altos V1 revolutionizes what an ADAS sensor could be. It provides lidar-like point clouds with a few hundred meters of detecting range, instant & accurate (ego) velocity info, robustness in adverse weather conditions, and more importantly at a fraction of the cost.  

By only depicting "objects", with roughly 2 orders of magnitudes less of points, Altos V1 delivers similar perception results with extremely high data-efficiency, requesting less compute power from the ADAS system.  Thus, we believe, for the first time, a high-performance, reliable and affordable autonomous driving solution can be seen on the horizon.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the real-time, on-board processed point cloud video below (including a comparison with the Hesai AT128, the best mass-production lidar currently on the market). 

Full Specifications:

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